I’ll fade away

‘Fade Away’ is the result of my first collaboration with the viennese producer and soundbranding company owner Maxamillion. He had a house track instrumental, I had my ideas, melodies and lyrics and there we go. New song created. My work with Max is a project aside from my music as a solo artist and it’s always been very easy going, which is quite nice for a change. When I work on my songs as a solo artist, I put my everything into it and that can be exhausting. Where as when I collab with Max, it’s always very playful and fun and I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s a different genre and definitely good practise for songwriting in general. I’ve taught myself ‘Don’t be scared of writing the wrong kind of songs. Feel free to experiment. Just adapt to the genre and contribute a bit of yourself, that’ll open your mind and extend your ability to write any kind of song.’

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