Harvest Moon

How can I even try to capture this moment in writing. It is beyond words.

April 2016: It was around 10pm at night, the last day at the studio. The EP I was working on with Charlie was practically finished. Time to go home and rest, you could say but it’s not what we felt like. We decided to take our minds off the songs I sang repeatedly for days on end, the hard work was done. It was time to simply feel and release the music that was flowing inside of us. I poured my at that time very fragile soul into the performance of this song. The lights were out, only a little back light so Charlie could see the piano keys, I was sitting beside him. I sang with tears in my eyes. My friend at the other end watching us dive into our own little music world called Harvest Moon.

We used one take, we changed next to nothing.

I love these little magical moments in the studio…where you have this clarity…all the doubts subside and you say to yourself ‘This is what I live for’

Nothing more to be said as more words would just ruin it.

Listen and I hope you’ll feel what I feel…

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