Well, well… what can I say…

This was my first project with the amazing Charlie P, a producer that I met at Uni in London. It was my first single and basically our first time working together to see how we do. Best decision I ever made, he became like a sort of mentor for me and as a bonus, a dear dear friend of mine. I am still completely amazed when I get to spend time in the studio with such an incredibly talented and unique guy.

A bit more insight: This song was originally a folk song that I’ve written for my songwriting course at uni. At that time, I was keen to write about new things. Not about love but rather society and the way we live. However this song has a double meaning, which is kind of a theme in my music. I won’t say more. Find out for yourself 🙂

So here’s Greed. It’s a story, a long journey of thoughts, which led to a music video directed by another amazing guy and friend Braden Wilson. This was kind of the start of my development as an independent artist and how much has happened since then… I can’t even say! It was a real pleasure to work with so many talented people and even better, now friends.




‘Fade Away’ is the result of my first collaboration with the viennese producer and soundbranding company owner Maxamillion. He had a house track instrumental, I had my ideas, melodies and lyrics and there we go. New song created. My work with Max is a project aside from my music as a solo artist and it’s always been very easy going, which is quite nice for a change. When I work on my songs as a solo artist, I put my everything into it and that can be exhausting. Where as when I collab with Max, it’s always very playful and fun and I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s a different genre and definitely good practise for songwriting in general. I’ve taught myself ‘Don’t be scared of writing the wrong kind of songs. Feel free to experiment. Just adapt to the genre and contribute a bit of yourself, that’ll open your mind and extend your ability to write any kind of song.’

I’d like to start this blog by going back in time a bit, 3 years to be precise. Gael, my guitarist, beatboxer and dearest friend did a live recording session with me, jamming to this cover of Amy Winehouse’s beautiful ‘Valerie’.
Just one take, no post production, as you can probably hear, it is completely raw. That is something I really care about, being authentic and not changing the little imperfections that really make a song. It’s about putting your own twist to a song and making it your own, including every little mistake you make. That is literally what ‘live’ means. I hope you enjoy: