Kalina is an international Singer/Songwriter currently based in Vienna and London. Born in Madrid, 1991, later raised in Upper Austria, she moved to London in 2010 to study Music Performance and Production at the London Centre Of Contemporary Music (LCCM). After University, she started working in a studio¬† while taking part in numerous projects and collaborating with several producers as well as performing at events and clubs all over Europe. Her multicultural background can be heard in her music as she likes to experiment with different genres and discover herself in each one of them. She has released her EP ‘Gold to Grey’ produced by Charles Plassard and is currently working on new music as a Solo Artist as well as collaborating with other producers and artists.

Together with musician / producer Max Hecke (Maxamillion), she’s been publishing songs which have been very successful.

‘Power of my Melodies’, for example, was featured on the ‘It Songs Collection’ of ELLE and other songs were used mainly on german and french TV channels as well as advertisements (including a few fashion campaigns). One title was even part of the worldwide broadcasted US show ‘Mistresses’.

Stay tuned for more updates!