Kalina is a Vienna based singer-songwriter with diverse roots.
Born in Madrid and raised in Upper Austria, she moved to London in 2010 to study Music Performance and Production. After her studies, she worked in various recording studios and performed all over London and Europe.
Following her debut EP “Gold to Grey” with UK producer Charles Plassard and her collaboration with musician/producer Maxamillion, Kalina released critically acclaimed songs that were featured on the “It Songs Collection” of ELLE magazine and the worldwide broadcasted US show “Mistresses”.
After a stroke of fate, Kalina decided to redefine herself as an artist; it was her “musical rebirth”, as she calls it. Inspired by her multicultural background and strong female icons who walked their own paths, such as Lauryn Hill and Etta James, Kalina embarks on a new musical journey with producer and drummer Andreas Lettner, who puts a modern spin on her Soul and R&B influences.
Listening to Kalina is no superficial matter. She scratches beneath the surface. Her lyrics are thought-provoking, non-apologetic and empowering, regarding freedom as an important theme in her music. Her soulful melodies, beat-oriented sounds, and haunting vocals touch you to the core. Kalina strives to create an atmosphere of intimate emotion that keeps lingering. An intense feeling that leaves its mark for self-reflection.