Golden Fading Hair

This is a little snippet of my song ‘Gold to Grey’ that I played with my producer Charlie P in London. We’re in November 2015 here and my new base is Vienna for now. After 5 years, it was time to move and get some distance from the great, vibrant, lovely but stressful city that is beloved London. However, I travel there regularly for music related projects and my EP sessions with Charlie, one of them including this little rehearsal of my latest creation. We started playing all my songs on guitar first before producing/arranging them properly to get a sense of where we want to go with a song. For one, it is so stripped back and ‘naked’ that a ‘bad song’ just wouldn’t pass the test. I’ve learned that a good song doesn’t need big sound effects or complicated arrangements. A good song just is. It needs nothing more. It’s just as powerful ‘naked’ as fully produced. The acoustic sessions are basically there to prove that or see if it needs some tweaks before we take it to the next step.

‘Golden Fading Hair, can you see past all that glares?’

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