I’d rather go blind, Boy..

Let’s fast forward, it’s February 2016. Much has happened since then. A lot of exciting new projects and the EP coming along really nicely. Charlie came to Vienna to record the final vocals for the EP with me. Exciting times. This little video is from the night he arrived, we had some wine, a lovely dinner with friends that led to this little cheesy jam session. I’ve been going through this Motown and Etta James phase since I had this Motown gig in January. I love how new projects always give you new inspiration too. ‘I’d rather go blind’ was a big treasure found for me and became one of my all time favorites. This song has so much soul and now every time I sing it I go back to a place of pure fragility. If I’m sad or heartbroken I just pour it all into the song, if I’m however doing well, I open old wounds all over again. It’s what I need to do to get a fragile yet strong tone in my voice but more importantly, be honest. If I don’t mean it, you can see it. So I find that a singer can be a lot like an actor actually. For me, it’s like therapy. You just let it all out and expose your inner life to your audience. I sing this song and I feel naked, yet so so strong.

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